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INSUL-DECK buildings can be designed to withstand the impact of extreme winds, flying debris, fires, and floods. Lightweight, Self-Supporting Joist and Deck Forming System allows fast construction with minimal shoring and no stripping of formwork.

New Lightweight Concrete Technology

The use of lightweight concrete as a roof decking and insulation system has expanded in the past five years. Increased usage can be attributed to the recent industry-wide insulation shortages and delamination deficiencies.

Lightweight Rooftop Decking

Composite structural roof panels are not only a lightweight substitute for roof decking, they provide a weatherproof finish without the need for tiles or Online Service StoneDeck Granite Lightweight Pavers - RoofDeck Solutions

lightweight balcony pavers

TredWay is a lightweight, low profile and frost resistant modular paving system which revolutionises the way tiles are laid on terraces, balconies, roof gardens. Wood Deck Tiles and Porcelain Pavers for Roof Decks and Outdoor .

Vermiculite Roof Deck and Insulating Concrete Concrete

Vermiculite Roof Deck and Insulating Concrete. Vermiculite's thermal conductivity K factor , ranges from .6 to .97 BTU per hour per square foot degrees F. per inch , depending mainly on the mix ratio. The lighter the concrete, the better lower the K factor. The most common use of vermiculite lightweight concrete is for light,

Lightweight Roof Deck Concrete

Surface Preparation: A minimum 1 inch per 100 linear feet thick control joint should be installed through the thickness of the LIGHTWEIGHT ROOF DECK CONCRETE around the perimeter of the roof deck and through the building expansion joints. Control joints may be eliminated when substrate is galvanized steel deck.

Florida Roof Deck Association

The Florida Roof Deck Association FRDA represents Florida's lightweight insulating concrete industry, promoting quality lightweight insulating concrete roof decks for the commercial construction industry.

What You Should Know About Your Cement Roof Deck

When structural lightweight concrete is then poured, the aggregate voids are loaded with water. If a roof is installed over the top surface and the deck was cast into non-vented metal form deck, the logical conclusion is that the dry down mechanism is at best severely retarded.

Lightweight Roof Pavers, Roof Deck Pavers

Lightweight Roof Pavers were invented to follow the natural slope of the roof and where an existing roof or new roof construction requires a lighter load. Cast with 1" of concrete laminated to a 1 1/2" of expanded polystyrene foam these pavers have the look and feel of a full weight paver yet weigh in at roughly half the load.

Structural Lightweight Concrete Roof Decks

Structural Lightweight Concrete Roof Decks. We would also recommend that any structural concrete deck, standard or lightweight, be tested using ASTM F2170 in Situ RH Test to ensure the concrete decks relative humidity is less than 80% prior to beginning any roofing work, particularly if adhering directly to the deck.

What You Should Know About Your Cement Roof Deck

Recent F2170 probe tests on 2 year and 7 year old structural lightweight concrete roof decks yielded relative humidity readings in the 90 98% range. These roofs used bead adhesives to construct the roof assembly.

Metal Deck: Verco Roof Deck B Deck N Deck Metaldeck.com

HSN-3 Deck - 3" Deep long span roof deck in a wider profile. Custom orders only. Subject to minimum quantities. Strong, lightweight, economical, and easy to install.

Lightweight insulating concrete for floors and roof decks

Looking at the broad spectrum of lightweight con-c r etes now available Fi g u r e 1 , we find an almost infinite va r iety of mixes and a wide range of densities. It is diffi-Lightweight insulating concrete for floors and roof decks Figure 1. The full spectrum of lightweight concretes.

Roof Deck Systems

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Structural Lightweight Concrete Roof Decks

Our recommendations when structural lightweight concrete decks are going to be installed, is to either install a ballasted roofing assembly or to install a vapor barrier directly over the structural lightweight deck and then mechanically fasten at least one layer of roof insulation to the deck.

Roof and Floor Deck Systems

Roof and Floor Deck Systems 2" Metal-Edge Tongue and Groove Plank Metal-edge tounge and groove plank is a lightweight 12 psf precast concrete plank produced in a standard 1'-6"x10'x2" size with a cold-rolled 22 ga. galvanized metal edging.

What are the different types of Concrete roof decks?

Beneath the roof cover, structural concrete roof decks are commonly topside insulated using adhered insulation panels or cast-in-place lightweight insulating concrete. Structural Concrete Composite Deck A supported steel panel deck system filled with normal weight or structural lightweight concrete.

Versadeck Modular Decking

Modular aluminum decking - supports 100 lbs. per square foot with supporting joists spaced at 48 inches O-C. Light weight - approx. 3.25 lbs. per square foot. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Fire resistant - ideal for heavy commercial applications. Environmentally friendly and responsible - recyclable and contains no VOC's or solvents.

Roof Decks: Dont Underestimate the Backbone of the Roof

The roof deck is the backbone and an integral component of all roofing systems. Its main function is to provide structural support for the roof system and, therefore, is a building element that needs to be designed by a licensed design professional because proper support of the roofing above is critical to the roof systems success.

aBSTRaCT pressive strength minimum but can range

examining various deck types. Among the numerous considerations when selecting a roof system, the type of decking is one of the most important. With the variety of decks to be encountered both new and old , it is incumbent upon rooing experts to be the authority on these matters. This article will explore features of poured gypsum.

Light Weight Insulating Decks

Often times lightweight insulating concrete roof decking is less expensive than traditional board stock insulation. Not to mention, it also acts as a fire barrier and saves you money by conserving energy in utility costs.

lightweight decking panels

Super Honeycomb,Lightweight Panels by Sing Homes McCleary, WA Wall Panels. Lightweight, highly insulated, and dimensionally stable panels made of Sing honeycomb can be used as partition walls, doors, roof deck, floors.

Cellucrete Corp. Lightweight Insulating Concrete Systems

Cellucrete Corp. provides lightweight insulating concrete systems for roof decks, engineered fill applications and floor fill installations. Since 1985, Cellucrete Corp has been applying Lightweight Insulating Concrete for roof decks, Structural Concrete, Engineered Fill applications and Floor Fill installations.

lightweight pavers for rooftop decking

Wausau Tile's Roof Pavers roof deck system is a strong and durable. Deck Pedestals - HandyDeck - Similar to Deck Pedestals - HandyDeck Build perfectly level elevated decks on rooftops with paving slabs supported by construction offers strength with light weight; accessories enable pedestals to

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