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It blocks weeds from growing into the fence and allows for easy mowing. The Mowstrip is an easy to install weed barrier that lies underneath residential or commercial chain link, vinyl, wood or ornamental fencing to prevent the intrusion of grass or weeds along new or existing fence line.

WARMS U.S. Rubber

Weed Abatement Roll Matting System WARMS Under/around Signs and Fences The WARMS systems longer life and greater resistance to puncture, wind, and

Weedseal Fence Guard also SEARCH "mow strip weed fence

Weedseal Fence Guard also SEARCH "mow strip weed fence barrier". "rot boards - to keep the dogs from digging under the fence - dog the rocks out, place boards

InvisaFlow 38 in. Channel Guard-7400

Install the Channel Guard under a fence line or along a building foundation, fill with rock and control weeds while preventing fence damage from weed eaters or lawn mowers. Permanently blends into the landscape

Fence and Border Guard Rubber Matting Weed Seal

Click here to find out how to never weed eat under your fence again. Check us out and buy online today. WEED SEAL . Circle Guard. Fence and Border Guard. SHOPPING

Grass and Weed Barriers Around Trees and Fences Home Guides

4 Prevent Grass From Growing Under a Chain Link Fence Trees may suffer when weeds steal water and nutrients from the soil underneath while woody, shrublike weeds can displace fence posts or grow

Fencing Materials and Fencing Tools

Never weed eat again with the Triple S Fence and Border Guard. Manufactured in the USA, the fiber reinforced rubber will not fade, crack or chip in even the harshest environments. Our Weed Seal is ideal for all types of fence from chain link to vinyl.

Fence Armor Fence Guards and Post Protectors

Protect your fence post from damaging lawn equipment with the best fence post protection on the market Made from 100% recyclable galvanized steel Fence Armor is designed to be installed on new and existing fence posts with ease.

Easy Trim Fenceguard

"The Easy Trim Fence Guard is a game changer. eliminating all weed and grass under growth at the bottom of your fence line. Easy Trim Fenceguard manufacturers and

What to Use As a Weed Barrier Under Stone Hunker

What to Use As a Weed Barrier Under Stone Applying a two-inch coat of mortar on top of plastic will function as a weed barrier with added weight. The mortar takes

Ian Bill Fence Line Weed Guard

Introducing the Fence Line Weed Guard a flexible plastic border that prevents the growth of grass, weeds and other plant life around fence lines. Patent D697,639, D698,465. For More Info

Landscape Fabric

Shop our selection of Landscape Fabric in the Exclusive Vigoro 4 ft. x 200 ft. Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric with fence fabric chain link rubber mulch

Mowstrip fence weed barrier to stop weeds and grass

Mowstrip - Fence Weed Barrier and Weed Stopper. Vinyl Fence Weed Barrier. Vinyl Fence Mowstrip. Vinyl Fence Mowstrip for Grass. Dog Kennel Weed Barrier.

under fence landscape barrier

Under Fence Edging, Vinyl Picket Fence Edging, Channel Guard . Installing fence edging is a great way to give your landscape some added visual appeal. Can be used under all types of fences such as Picket, garden and metal.

How to Prevent Having to Trim Around a Fence

Besides the cost, weed trimmer string constantly beating against the bottom of the fence wears away the string quickly and can damage the fence, especially if you have a wooden or vinyl fence. Mulch edging applied under and next to fencing eliminates the need to trim around the fence.

What should I use under a fence ..? Yahoo Answers

I am having a 6' privacy fence installed in the yard. I plan to landscape up to the fence. I would like to prevent the maintenance of having to pull grass or any growth from under the fence which would be coming from the other side of the fence.


How can I weed trim without damaging a fence? etc. under the fence to essentially create a weed block. That way you put the guard side up against the fence

Weed Wacking Around A Chain Link Fence

i have used a number of weed wackers and have tried to weed wack under/around a chain link fence and by the time im done i have easily went through 1/2 a spool of line if not more. i have tried to back off the fence but yet get as close as possible.


Weedseal Fence and Border Guard. Enjoy years of freedom from trimming and maintenance. Weedseal Fence and Border Guard is a durable rubber strip that lies beneath fencing or along objects More about Weedseal Fence and Border Guard Current Installations. Here are a photos of Weedseal products currently in use.

How to Protect Fence Posts From a Weed Eater Home Guides

The fence line is one area where weeds and unwanted plant growth call for a Weed Eater, unless you enjoy pulling weeds by hand. The downside: getting close enough to remove the weeds means the

Fenceguard for your Chain Link fence-line Easy Trim Fenceguard

The Easy Trim solution. Our Products are made of a durable, UV protected PVC channel that provides protection against vegetation growth through the bottom of your chain link fence.

Fence Line Weed Guard Products

Apparel/Accessories Fence Line Weed Guard Fence Line Weed Guard The invention is a flexible polyvinyl chloride PVC border created to prevent unwanted growth of grass, weeds and other plant life around fence lines.

Weedseal Fence and Border Guard

Weedseal Pre-cut Fence and Border Guard. Weedseal Pre-cut Fence and Border Guard is the perfect solution by creating an unbeatable, and long lasting grass and weed barrier. No more damage to fences posts. No more burnt grass edges from chemical usage. No more trimming, period

Why Landscape Fabric Weed Barrier Doesn't Work Solutions

Just dropped a lot of green for a new fence. And Im not talkin compost greens with our situation of a mix of weed barrier under gravel and gravel mixed

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