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Need to cancel a flight? Here's what you need to know

Unfortunately, the cheapest airline tickets tend to be non-refundable, so price-sensitive travelers usually end up not profiting from that price drop. The 22 most dependable airlines in the world

You truly could be saving $400 a year on car insurance

Remember, today's auto insurance rates are set by a complicated mix of your driving history, what car you drive, where you live and your credit rating. So over time you may be able to cut your

5 best and worst states for car insurance costs

Insurance s for drivers residing in the Bayou State are 33 percent above the national average. Much of Louisiana is rural, which means lower crime rates, fewer cars, less congestion and

Auto and Homeowners Insurance: Is AARP Looking Out for You

GEICO was the cheapest in both Charlotte and Schaumburg, charging 28 percent less and 15 percent less, respectively, than AARP/The Hartford. Auto Insurance Six-Month Seven Trust AARP/

Cheapest and Most Costly Cars to Insure

The cost of your auto insurance depends on more than your driving record and where you live. It also is affected by the car you drive. That's partly because some cars are more expensive than

What to watch for when buying a hurricane-damaged home

MoneyWatch Buying a hurricane-damaged home can mean big savings -- and big headaches if you don't take the old adage "buyer beware" to heart.

Whats happening to my Obamacare?

Instead, cost-sharing subsidies help low- and middle-income consumers pay deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance and other out-of-pocket costs. About 58 percent of people who signed up for ACA

Auto Insurance Costs: Where Does Your State Rank? CBS News

Insurance companies pay up to $480,000 in each case, plus up to three years of lost wages. A state fund chips in on higher settlements. But assessments for that fund also add to rates. A state

Earthquake insurance: 8 things you need to know

If the structure of your home is insured to $500,000, the quake insurance deductible will typically amount to 15% of that, or $75,000. In some cases, you can choose a lower deductible -- say 10%

Is mileage-based auto insurance worth the discount?

Insurance companies are cutting drivers a break if they log fewer miles and let insurers track them, but the payoff isn't always huge

5 cars that cost the least to insure

The Insure.com average insurance cost is based on sampling rates in all states for a driver with a good record and good credit. Actual rates can vary widely state by state. Actual rates can vary

Auto Insurance: Which Cars Cost Most and Least?

Average insurance costs can run as high as $3,544 for a Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG, the No. 1 most expensive on Insure.com's just-released list of most and least expensive cars to insure.

And The Best State For Health Care Is

Insurance tracked with the states' ratings. "In general, states that did well in the overall rankings had the lowest rates of uninsured in the nation, and states that did poorly had the highest

The painful rise of high-deductible health insurance

The plan was the cheapest he could find at the time. "I thought that's why you had insurance: you had it, and you didn't have to pay on top of it. I was like, 'Wait, I have to pay up to $8,000

Car insurance: Are you in a high-cost zip code?

The auto insurance shopping Nev. Bullhead is the cheapest town in America in which to buy auto insurance, according to the analysis. This hypothetical driver would pay just $730 annually to

Mapping the Great Barrier Reef with cameras, drones and

He keeps charts from his early flights on his office walls to remind his clients this is a well-tested technology. Since 1993, the Navy has mapped roughly 240,000 square kilometres of the Great

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