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cost to do pontoon deck with plastic panels

Philips Hue's new outdoor smart lights, ranked

Subtract the cost of the bulbs themselves, which sell in a two-pack for $50, and you're looking at an $80 piece of plastic -- more than twice as expensive as similar fixtures that include built-in

The 60 best iPhone games of 2018

The biggest 5G breakthrough may be this innocent, little plastic strip. Ericsson is working on an antenna that could be placed under carpets or hung on walls.

Bulletproof Cockpit Doors A Reality

The association estimates it will cost airlines $2 billion to comply with the directive. The U.S. government won't reimburse foreign airlines for the cost. The U.S. government won't reimburse

2007 Saturn Aura review: 2007 Saturn Aura

In an attempt to look luxurious, surfaces are covered with glossy plastic intended to look like wood, which is passable, and the aforementioned molded plastic panels in the door, which attempt to

What are the pros and cons of plastic cars?

Plastic does better with minor hits, while metal does better and is more easy to repair from major hits. I realize major and minor are subjective, and thus not very descriptive, but that's what I

Space, military history abounds on USS Hornet photos

Inside the CIC, as seen from the ranking officer's platform, are the illuminated panels used to keep track of weather conditions, friendly contacts, and dispatched aircraft, as well as their

Asus Lamborghini VX1 review: Asus Lamborghini VX1

Interlogix has a home security touchscreen at CES that works with Alarm.com. The brand's Simon control panel is designed to work with Alarm.com home security systems.

Systm: DIY Electroluminescence

>> David Calkins: I do want to reiterate though that when you're using this stuff, you want to test it out - like with Patrick's side panel for his computer, what I did is I just put it on, I didn

New Ford Police Interceptors

New Ford Police Interceptors. January 20, 2011 . Transcript. You know, when I reviewed cop cars at CNET car deck the more is the pity because they're kind of cool with all kinds of interesting

BloomSky Sky2 Weather Camera Station keeps an eye on your

That forced me to improvise with what I had on hand: a metal flowerbed, a deck guardrail, plastic twist ties and the two flexible "U-Bolts" in the Sky2 box. By comparison the compact, wireless

Pioneer PDP-5000EX review: Pioneer PDP-5000EX

Most flat panel TVs don't really shower themselves in glory when showing SD programmes, but we have to say that the Pioneer does a spectacular job of making the bad stuff look good and the good

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