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Darth Sidious/Sheev Palpatine Super Respect Thread

With all that out of the way, lets get into the meat of things Respect Sheev Palpatine, eldest son of noble House Palpatine of the planet Naboo, ambassador and senator of Naboo, supreme

Fallout 3 FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox 360 by Absolute Steve

The best time to do this is around midnight when he's the only one around, pretty much. You have two options now: 1. Speech Challenge Forty and trick him into thinking he should get a raise from Eulogy. He promptly goes to arrange this. 2. Find a slave called Crimson and Speech Challenge her that Forty is looking lonesome tonight. If this doesn't work, pay up 100 Caps to enclose the deal

All PSP Video Game Releases

Non-linear, real-time game play allows for a wide assortment of events. Compete with villagers in challenging festival mini contest. Play as a boy or a girl two games in one. Natsume Compete with villagers in challenging festival mini contest.

Titanic: Adventure out of Time FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by

Take the Grand Staircase up to the boat deck, then take the Second Class Stairs down to F-Deck and head for the turbines. A seaman will stop you on the way - tell him you'll take your chances. There'll be a little stairway down, and you'll find Vlad - along with Barbicon's dead body. Offer to get Vlad into first class by disguising him as a woman - with the shawl. In exchange, ask for

Resident Evil 4 Plot Analysis for GameCube by TWilde

The two slip out of the tram and make for the train platform. Claire sets Sherry on a cot in the security office. She gives Sherry her vest to keep her warm. The girl stirs, and lets Claire know that she trusts her and depends on her. Claire assures her that she will find something to cure her. Leon has to recall the train elevator platform. Leaving Ada in the control room, he descends to a

Vic Damone

Frank Sinatra once praised Vic Damone June 12, 1928-February 11, 2018 as having "the best pipes in the business." With his mellow baritone, the crooner's easy-listening romantic ballads brought

Donkey Kong Country FAQ/Walkthrough for Super Nintendo by

Next are two Krushas, followed by a leap to between two Mincers with a Krusha charging you best to try to be Donkey Kong at this point . Jump to the next platform, and then over to the moving platform. Use a roll jump off of this platform to get the "N". Next you have to jump between two Mincers, and kill a Krusha, and then you pick up the Steel Rimmed Barrel and go right, jumping over the

Beyond Oasis FAQ/Walkthrough for Genesis by Black Eyes

Go north and up a set of stairs only stairs in this area . Go right, up and then to the far left until you reach a lone tree. At the lone tree, go left, down and then right into an area with a Shade Crystal. Summon Shade, go back to the left and go up the stairs. Go to the far left and then down two sets of stairs. Now go

Luke Skywalker Respect Thread: Legacy Era

Luke Skywalker Respect Thread: Legacy Era By WollfMyth209 November 25, 2016 47 Comments. Before reading this, I'd advise you all to read Luke Skywalker's Rebellion Era Respect Thread Part 1, Part

Watch The This Old House Hour Episodes on Season 13

Also: preventing the P-trap from the second-floor bathtub from interfering with the decorative ceiling of the kitchen; and finishing up the trim and decking on the corner deck stair. In the second

Borderlands FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 3 by DomZ

It's best to start at the southern end and work your way north via the zig- zagging paths. The Arid Hills is a Skag hotspot, so you'll be fighting a boatload of these creatures as you scour the landscape. You can find a lot of loot in the form of Skag piles, but the only real noteworthy place is the tiny bandit camp at the north; it contains a RED CHEST . Once you are done in that portion

Final Fantasy VII FAQ/Walkthrough for Android by Absolute

Before you head up the stairs, check out the rather concealed soldier standing near the stairs. He'll lead you to the Beginner's Hall, and the ghosts of the people stayed behind in case you needed to know anything else about the game. In all seriousness, this is a place to ask anything basic regarding the game. Make sure you grab the Enemy Skill Materia before leaving. Head upstairs and search

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