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Rare Replay FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox One by Croco

-SUBMARINE- Level: Jolly Roger Lagoon Advantages: Missile, Fast Movement, Can Withstand Severe Water Pressure Disadvantages: Cannot Leave Water Attack: Missile Sonic Ping with B The Submarine is a useful transformation. It can go as deep as it wants in the water, it can fire explosive missiles, and it moves at a decent speed. This is one of the most fun transformations, and it even has a

Splatterhouse FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 3 by

Run to the end of the next hallway then jump into the air and slam the pressure platform in the middle of the floor with a mid-air heavy attack. Jump and hit the button with a heavy attack. This will open a door in the hallway behind Rick but it will also activate some spiked crusher traps. Time a run to quickly run by each crusher use the sprint . Step through the opening at the end that is

Wild Arms Alter Code: F FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2

He'll also use the Pressure attack a few rounds in, so any Water Resistance helps as well. You've got about 7 or 8 rounds before he retreats, so you have to take him down quickly. If you're having trouble beating him with your special attacks then use a Force Carrot on Cecilia and summon the Water Guardian a couple of times. He has around 1500-2000 HP. ==--====--====--====--== FIELD MAP Return

Resident Evil 2 FAQ/Walkthrough for GameCube by trbeck

Head through that opening, to the right and use your new valve handle at the water pressure valve. Water will pour out of the tank and douse the flames around the helicopter. Up at the helicopter, near the smoke, press A and grab some more handgun bullets. Head back through the door you originally came through and then travel back through the crow hallway. You can grab some bullets from the

Best DS Video Games of All Time

Players are be treated to animated cut scenes on the screens of their Nintendo DS or Nintendo DSi systems. Players can opt to use the stylus or control pad and buttons to control movement in the game, while the touch screen is required to complete optional challenges used to power up spells or skills during battle. Nintendo

Golden Sun: The Lost Age FAQ/Walkthrough for Game Boy

This floor is the first floor that you will have to make use of the gears. Head south from the ladder and then go west until you reach a wall. Head north and you'll come across a Rope Coil. You will want to time your use of Lash so that the pillar that the rope extends to is diagonally up and to the right of the rope coil. This will stop all of the gears in the room. Head south from here

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time FAQ/Walkthrough for

The Prince dropped down off the lever and used the generously timed pressure pad on the floor to follow Farah to the ramparts outside. He found a spot to jump down nearby, where the wooden scaffold had been left. It seemed a little late to repair the palace walls. With the dbridge now lowered, the way ahead was clear. The Prince made use of a fountain at the bridgehead before racing across

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles FAQ/Walkthrough for

Eventually, the characters will exit the church and Hilda will leap into the water and perform the following attacks: Lunge: She will swim around in the water and sometimes leap out of the water and lunge strht at the character. A random dodge command must be entered in order to avoid damage. The button command will either be B, Z or B Z. Needle Shot: Hilda will emerge while in the water

Mario Party Advance Mario Series Character Guide for Game

Wario must ride the waves Catbat creates when it crashes into the pool of water of the floor and stomp Catbat's head. CHARLIE Occupation: Golfer Only appearance: Mario Golf 1999 One of the generic human characters competing in the Mushroom Kingdom golf tournaments. Rylle has the following to say about this character: "Charlie has brown hair and a yellow shirt with a lighter yellow collar

Super Mario Sunshine FAQ/Walkthrough for GameCube by black

To squirt while moving, lightly hold the R trigger and the water pack will squirt until it loses so much water pressure that it stops squirting, so you must start again. This is the action I would recommend using for a good portion of the game. FLUDD's second water squirting feature is shooting in place, drenching nearby enemies and graffiti. This tactic is best used when you must squirt

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