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Deus Ex FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Frakkla

Hong Kong You'll appear inside the Hong Kong MJ12 hangar. You'll need to find the weapons-lock switch on the flight control deck. Go into the room to the left and go upstairs. Go into Flight Control Deck 2 and hack the terminal. Turn off all the cameras. Go into one of the ventilation shafts that are pretty much everywhere. Find your way into the gas room. Put the code 99871 in and get

James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire FAQ/Walkthrough for

Had a setback in Hong Kong. ----- Weapons Most of these weapon descriptions are from Kyleman, who got the from the AUF booklet, courtesy of EA. I modified the descriptons a bit, and added the driving and rail guns, but most of this is Kyleman's work. Thanks Kyleman Pistols: Wolfram P2K: Designed to be the next generation of sidearm for the German police, this pistol sports a compact design

Deus Ex Complete FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Tarrun

009.0 - Hong Kong: The Universal Constructor: Objectives: - Locate information on the structure of the plague virus. - Destroy the Universal Constructor. 009.1 - Locate information on the structure of the plague virus: First off, if you're interested in any free points, visit the Lucky Money bar to have a drink with Gordon and Max to complete the secondary objective. Now find Canal Road

Deus Ex Game Script for Macintosh by FAQ GOD

Know Your Enemy -- The Triads UNATCO surveillance of Hong Kong is currently a high priority given the renewed threat of Chinese organized crime in the form of the Triads. Despite being a model of prosperity and technological leadership for decades, Hong Kong persists as a haven for organized crime. The Triads, namely the Luminous Path and Red Arrow, vie for control of the ten-trillion credit

Deus Ex FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Djibriel

There's a CIA Factbook about Hong Kong in the bathroom, and a book about the India/Pakistan situation. Notes: The CIA does indeed write and maintain The World Factbook online, where you can read about all nations. Hong Kong has an individual entry. As of march 2014: despite strenuous law enforcement efforts, faces difficult challenges in controlling transit of heroin and methamphetamine to

Deus Ex Walkthrough for Macintosh by Guilersk

----1.4---- ----- WAN CHAI - 9.1 ----- WARNING: Hong Kong offers some of the WORST voice acting in the game, and in fact some of the worst affected chinese accents i have EVER heard in my life. You have been warned. First thing to note is the building in front of you. On the darkened wall, in the corner nearest you is a locked door. Inside are 3 crates with: lockpick, baton, sword. Also, on

Hitman: Codename 47 FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Acid Wolf

Just like what you do in Hong Kong, here in Columbia you have to complete 2 missions inorder to reach the main one. Here is a new job from the agency in which you have to take out a drug lord name Pablo Belisario Ochoa. For which his current location is in his secret hideout in Columbia. So for the first 2 part of the main mission is to find this secret hideout. This time, the map is simply 2

James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire FAQ/Walkthrough for

The vials of blood you obtained in Hong Kong match the DNA of the eight world leaders. We are certain Malprave has cloned these leaders and intends to substitute them with her replicas." Carrier Briefing Room "Bond, your first duty is to report to us with for an update of the situation. Find the ship'ss briefing room where you can establish communications with MI6. We will then provide you

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles FAQ/Walkthrough for

The game costs HK$450 HK$7.8 = US$1 in Hong Kong. That's daylight robbery, so I did not buy it on sight. But in the summer, I went to Singapore, and happened to come upon this game again, and it sold for only S$86.90. Having multiplied the price by 4.6, which was the exchange rate of the Singapore Dollar, I found that it was cheaper, so I bought it with some of my holiday money. I must say

Deus Ex: The Conspiracy Secrets FAQ for PlayStation 2 by

In Hong Kong, don't visit Maggie Chow, but instead, take the back way and retrieve the Dragon Tooth the first time. At the final encounter, she will have another dialogue. Submitted by cloud VS sephiroth ----- Coincidence? ----- And yet another thing you could add is that it is a pretty big coincidence that the initials J.C can mean Jesus Christ. And the greek myth with Deadalus and Icarus

Deus Ex FAQ/Walkthrough for Macintosh by MRenfrow

Added the subquest about smuggler, added the info about the alternate way to destroy the NSF generator, and added the walkthroughs for the UNATCO underground facility, Hong Kong, and Hell's Kitchen revisited again 7-29-2000: v0.7 is finished. In this version I added Versalife Revisited, the NYC Docks, the NYC Graveyard, Paris Catacombs, Metro Paris, and Chateau Duclare. I also fixed a couple

Deus Ex Complete FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Absolute Steve

HONG KONG WANCHAI SHIPPING CHANNEL Walk out the alley and over the bridge to the north. Notice the two Police Officers to your left. Now go to the far east, not going down but just on the same level, and lure the drug dealers to the officers. The'll get killed. One of them has a Multitool. Now go down and on the sanpan boat in the water. Talk to the woman there. She sells and Acc. Mod for 750

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis FAQ/Walkthrough for GameCube by

First, go to the control panel with the green light and turn on manual mode. 2. Then examine the control panel with the switches. The starting voltage is 50V. There are 4 pairs of switches Red or Blue. The value of A is 15nV, where n is the multiplier. The value of B is -5nV, where n is the multiplier. You must press the 4 switches in the order of the multipliers. The 1x multiplier goes first

TV Shows from A-Z by Title, letter W

Professor Jonah Mulray John Simm flies to Hong Kong after being informed of his wife's death there and discovers the truth behind her death is more complicated than just the ex-policeman Anthony Wong connected to his wife in this crime drama created by Mark Denton and Jonny Stockwood. Aired in the UK on ITV as Strangers

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