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attaching a ledger to a block foundation

Re: attaching a ledger to a block foundation This may not be a popular answer but I never trust brick or block with any kind of concrete fasteners. If there's not solid concrete to attach to I don't attach a ledger.

How Would You Attach A Ledger Board To A Concrete Wall

How Would You Attach A Ledger Board To A Concrete Wall I have to attach a ledger board to a concrete wall with no access to the inside of the wall. I am thinking about 1/2" threaded rods embedded and mortered into 6 inch deep holes made with a hammer drill

How to Attach a Deck Ledger to a Poured Concrete Wall

Step 4. Place an anchor through the ledger board and into the concrete hole at each end. Set the nut on the anchor flush with the top of the bolt and tap the anchors in with a hammer. Setting the nut this way prevents damage to the threads. Push the board against the concrete and tighten the nut by hand.


That does not limit you from attaching it to the garage to provide horizontal stability and to keep movements in unison. You would simply need to bolt in a faux ledger to the cinder blocks. Make sure that you have at least two posts close to the garage that you are showing as the weight bearing points for that wall.

Ultimate Deck Build 2015: Fastening a Ledger to Concrete

Learn how to attach the ledger to the house. Fastening a Ledger to Concrete: The ledger is not only the structural connection between the deck and the house; its also what establishes the overall height and levelness of the entire deck frame. On this project, the 2×10 joists of the main deck frame sit just about even with the top

Ledger board to concrete block wall ??? Fine Homebuilding

They make wedge anchors for concrete that perhaps hold better. On a brick wall I drilled yesterday -- double brick, so 8" -- I just went all the way through will insert loooong bolts through ledger, standoffs, holes, then 3/4 plywood on inside.

Attaching deck ledger to concrete foundation wall

Remember to insert spacers between the concrete and the ledger board, so that the bolts run thr Attaching deck ledger to concrete foundation wall HomeOwnersHub H Post Now No Account Needed

How to Attach a Ledger to a Cinder Block Wall Home Guides

How to Attach a Ledger to a Cinder Block Wall Measure the distance between the anchor bolts protruding from the cement in the cinder block wall. Place fiberglass cell insulation over the anchor bolts. Transfer the measurements from Step 1 to the sill plate and mark it with Use the drill and

Fastening A Ledger To Hollow Block

If I am understanding your question, you are attaching a deck ledger board 2x10 to a CMU wall? IMO, If all you are doing is running 2x10, 16oc, plus deck boards, there is not much load. Sleeve anchors are way better than lead.

How to Attach Floor Joists to a Concrete Block House

Step 8. Mount the drilled ledger to the concrete block wall, guiding the anchor bolts through the ledger holes. Slide the anchor bolt washers over the anchor bolts and twist the nuts finger-tight to the ledger board. Tighten the anchor bolt nuts using the impact wrench.

How to Attach a Ledger Board to a Masonry Wall DoItYourself.com

Step 5 Attach the Ledger Board to the Wall. Put the ledger board in place once more. Place washers over the holes and screw in the 5.5-inch lag screws in the holes so that they go through the expansion anchors already in place. The washers will provide protection for the board from the screw heads.

Ledger Board Attachment to a Solid Concrete Foundation Wall

Temporarily secure the ledger board to the correct location against the concrete wall using concrete screws or temporary supports. Use a wood bit to drill 1/2" pilot holes through the ledger board. Next use a concrete bit to drill into the concrete wall. Install 2 bolts at the end of each ledger board.

How to Hang a Deck From Cinder Blocks Home Guides SF Gate

Related Articles. Drive 1/2-by-3-inch sleeve anchors into each hole at the face of the ledger and into the block with a hammer. Tighten the bolt heads against the face of the ledger with a socket and ratchet. With the ledger board firmly in place against the cinder block, it is now ready for you to attach the joist hangers and complete the deck installation.

Attaching deck ledger to block wall

Attaching deck ledger to block wall pahammer Posted in Construction Techniques on September 1, 2005 02:38am any ideas or suggestion on how to attach a ground level deck ledger to a concrete block wall.

How to Attach a Ledger to a Cinder Block eHow

Determine what height on the cinder block you need to attach your ledger and use a tape measure to mark the placement for all four corners of the ledger board on the cinder block. Hold the ledger board in place and use a level to double-check the pitch.

Ledgers on Challenging Walls Professional Deck Builder

When attaching a ledger to hollow masonry block, use adhesive anchors, such as the Epcon A7 from ITW Red Head 800/348-3231, www.itw-redhead.com or the Hilti HIT HY 20 system 866/445-8827, www.us.hilti.com . The threaded rod used with the anchors must be at least 1/2 inch in diameter and must penetrate the block by at least 3 1/2 inches.

How to attach a ledger board to a cement block wall? Yahoo

Not all concrete blocks are filled. To secure your ledger board I'd suggest using a lag bolt with a lead spread type toggle. Drill into the block and insert to lead, which will hold the lag bolt.

Connecting Wood Frame Floors to ICF Walls With a Ledger

A popular method of attaching the ledger boards to the walls is with the ICF ledger connector. This steel connector is embedded in the concrete when the wall is cast. Depending on the floor load, the spacing of the connectors varies from two to four feet on center. The connectors are installed at floor height.

How to Attach Roof Trusses to the Top of a Block Wall Hunker

Step 5. Set the ledges on top of the block wall. Drill into the block through the pilot holes, using the 3/16-inch concrete bit. Drill into the block to a depth of 1/8 inch.

Deck Ledger Board Installation

Drill holes in the ledger for the bolts, taking into account the planned joist locations. Set the ledger against the wall, using 2 x 4s to hold it in place. Mark bolt hole locations on the wall with a nail. 2.Drill the Bolt Holes Using a hammer drill and masonry bit, drill holes to the depth necessary for the bolts.

Anchoring deck ledger to hollow block

I need to build a deck on a brick house, the wall is 4" hollow concrete blocks covered with bricks total 8" thick . Any recommendations on how to attach the ledger? Thanks in advance.

Best way to attach a deck Ledger board to a block foundation

Re: Best way to attach a deck Ledger board to a block foiundation. You are far better off making the deck free standing so water can drain between the deck and the house and not get trapped behind the ledger board. Both the house and the deck will last longer.

Attaching a ledger board to concrete block Pro Construction

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