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Low Cost Alternatives to Concrete Patio Hunker

Using Gravel. Gravel may not be the first material that comes to mind for creating a patio, but gravel is available in a wide variety of textures and colors and is an affordable alternative to concrete. Gravel can be used alone, contained in a wooden frame to prevent the pebbles from migrating to other areas of the yard or used in conjunction

Alternatives to the Sliding Patio Glass Door Hunker

Alternatives to the sliding patio glass door are available. French doors offer a double-wide opening that can let in both light and air. Center swing doors mimic the look of French doors with a stationary second door. High-end options are available, but require extra construction costs.

Inexpensive Alternatives to Paving a Driveway ThriftyFun

This guide is about inexpensive alternatives to paving a driveway. Paving a driveway can cost more than you can afford.

Natural Stone Alternatives for Contemporary Patios with

Best Stone Pavers and Concrete Alternatives for Your Medford Lakes, CT, Backyard Patio 3 Advantages of 3D Landscape Design Add Depth and Layers to Your Seaford, DE, Backyard with Concrete Pavers and Wall Units

alternatives to a deck or patio

alternatives to a deck or patio. Alternatives to Awnings: Sunbrella Patio Retractable Deck One of the most popular additions to homes, rather than awnings is becoming the Sunbrella patio Alternatives To A Deck Or Patio near San Jose CAchange locationMy Location : San Jose, CA1The Grill on the

Alternative Patio Pavers Garden Guides

Etched and Stained Concrete. Another alternative to setting pavers into a patio is to pour a concrete slab and then have the surface etched so it takes on the attributes of a natural stone paver. Etched concrete also can be stained to take on the properties of stone pavers. Poured concrete costs much less than pavers do, however,

Top Five Alternatives to Asphalt Paved Driveways - TrustedPros

Home Articles Paving Top Five Alternatives to Asphalt Paved Driveways Asphalt paving is a popular way to finish your driveway, providing a durable and affordable surface to park and walk on. Asphalt paved driveways are fairly low maintenance and durable, although they will require resealing every four to five years in an average climate.

Tips to Secure a Gazebo Canopy on a Paver Patio

Here are some other ways to secure a gazebo canopy onto a paver patio Alternative Methods to Secure a Gazebo Canopy on a Paver Patio. 1. Use masonry screws and a masonry drill bit to attach the white bases to the bricks. This will make the white bases and bricks one unit, and it should stabilize the gazebo considerably. 2. Fill large planters

Paver Alternatives Midwest Nursery Landscaping Lombard IL

Paver Alternatives. Whether you are looking for a new paver patio, walkway, driveway, fireplace, planters, pillars, steps, pool decks, or a custom paver surround for an outdoor kitchen, Midwest Nursery can help you. When it comes to pavers there are a lot of different manufacturers and product lines to choose from.

Budget Alternative to Block Paving AVForums

Budget Alternative to Block Paving. Discussion in 'General Chat' started by RBZ5416, Feb 11, 2013. F. Concrete base with resin bound aggrigate surface

12 Outdoor Flooring Ideas HGTV

This oversized green-and-white checkerboard patio is the perfect canvas for the red handprints that adorn the outer edge, adding to the fun and retro feel of the backyard. Boulders A stone pathway lined with boulders creates a natural walkway down to a seating area adorned with several rocking chairs a peaceful setting to enjoy the nearby river.

Budget Alternative to Block Paving AVForums

Budget Alternative to Block Paving. Pic is great but very expensive. Hers is like a wooden decking design and the whole property has this apart from the square front area which holds the concrete patten blocks. British gas damaged a section of her Pic pavement about 5ft by 4ft and after a long run around they paid for the repair which was just shy of £3000.

Alternative Patio Pavers Garden Guides

Concrete pavers are an alternative to stone pavers that builders frequently rely on to build a patio or path for less. Concrete pavers are cast, and typically come in a uniform size or shape. The cost of a concrete paver varies depending on the quality of the material used in the cast paver.

Cheap Alternatives to Flagstone Patios Sapling.com

Stamped concrete is an inexpensive alternative to flagstone for a patio. Stone veneer is a composite material made of a thin layer of real flagstone on top of another less costly paving material, usually concrete.

6 Ways to Rethink Your Patio Floor - houzz.com

Concrete sets very quickly, so it is extremely unforgiving. Unless you already have experience working with concrete, its probably best to leave this job to the experts. Process snapshot: First, the area for your concrete patio must be dug out and leveled.

Top Five Alternatives to Asphalt Paved Driveways - TrustedPros

Top Five Alternatives to Asphalt Paved Driveways. Think of the sidewalks in your neighborhood. They will last for decades without many issues and are easy to clear snow and ice from. Concrete driveways are poured in squares or sections, allowing for natural shifting and movement. This tactic helps to avoid cracking and premature degradation.

What is a cheaper alternative to a cement patio? Yahoo Answers

Best Answer: My favorite budget patio idea would be to purchase a few large stone looking patio pavers available at any home improvement center. Arrange these to cover the area intended for your patio space, but leave plenty of space between. In the space between the stones, plant grass and keep it trimmed to a reasonable level.

12 Deck and Patio Ideas That Won't Break the Bank - Pro.com

Free Form. Break free and create a patio that moves you. Use paving stones, concrete pavers and even poured concrete to create movement in your backyard, both free form or geometric.

Alternatives to Pavers Home Guides SF Gate

Gravel. Gravel allows better drainage than solid paving stones, and it is one of the least expensive paver alternatives. If you want to keep the gravel from shifting when you walk on it, opt for unsorted, sharp-edged gravel that is labeled "1/4-inch minus.". Pieces of that gravel type fit snugly together.

6 Ways to Rethink Your Patio Floor - houzz.com

Process snapshot: First, the area for your concrete patio must be dug out and leveled. Next, barriers are put in place that will determine the shape of the patio. Next, barriers are put in place that will determine the shape of the patio.

Green Patio Options: Brick, Stone, Gravel, Concrete and

Green Patio Options: Brick, Stone, Gravel, Concrete and Recycled Materials. Most petroleum products also damage living soils. Soil cementa mixture of Portland cement and local soiloffers an alternative to standard cement mixes. However, the resulting surface presents the same drainage and runoff problems as standard cement surfaces.

How to Design and Build a Paver Patio - Seven Trust's

Step 1. Start laying the pavers along the edge of the layout. If possible, start at a hard edge such as a wall. Use strings set low to the ground as a guide to keep the blocks strht. Continue setting the pavers, working toward the middle of the patio area and leaving a small gap 1/4 inch here between the pavers.

alternative patio materials - Environmentally Friendly Flooring

Gravel: is another inexpensive alternative for you patio surface. Materials like gravel are labeled as cheap copies of the finer building materials, Choosing the Best Material For Your Perfect Backyard Patio Deck; Synthetic Decking Materials - A Serious Alternative To Pressure Treated Wood.

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