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attaching tents to decks for mobile

Aboard the Carnival Triumph cruise ship

The Carnival Triumph, with over 4,000 passengers aboard, idled for nearly a week in the Gulf of Mexico following an engine room fire and was being towed to port in Mobile, Ala. As passengers came

Top ten DIY photography tips

To make a light tent, cut square sections out of the sides of a sturdy box 1 , as shown above. Then locate some diffuse paper -- thin tracing paper works fine, but you can also try white fabrics.

Test pilots put tech in motion photos

In the world of aviation, the people who get some of the most critical hands-on experience with the machinery are a hardy, daring breed of fliers.

Angel Manuel Fernandez Fernandez

PRO Guide for Clash Royale - Deck Builder, Strategy and Tips PRO Guide for Clash Royale is a fan app dedicated to providing you with all the resources and data tables you need to plan your base

Inside the Airbus A380 factory

They also attach the engines and landing gear, outfit much of the interior wiring and systems, and perform tests on the control surfaces. There's space for eight aircraft inside. There's space for

Microsoft's HoloLens 2 isn't meant for you, but it could

He's one of the people behind the hit mobile game Words With Friends, who later made an early high-profile VR game called Lucky's Tale. Eventually, Bettner and other techies say, devices like the

A tour of the legendary USS Missouri pictures

The rear deck to the left in this photo in WWII was used for launching and recovering with a crane seaplanes. Now it's open and can hold special events. There was a tent set up when I was

5 ways you should be using your two-in-one laptop

I recommend using it in tent mode -- horizontally or vertically -- and wrapping your display in plastic wrap to keep the screen clean yes, the touchscreen will still work .

Angel Manuel Fernandez Fernandez

Home is what is most needed in one's existence, and can range from being as simple as an animal skin tent or shelter of branches and leaves, to a

The best iPhone X cases

Vaja cases. Argentina-based Vaja makes some sweet handmade leather and vegan leather cases, although they're pretty pricey. The one on the left in blue is simply called The Top iPhone X Leather case.

Military sees the electroactive light

Culture Military sees the electroactive light. The U.S. military will use a flexible, lightweight light panel made from an electroactive polymer based-material to light up its tents.

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