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burn scrap fence pickets in my fireplace

Burning 2x4 in the fireplace

Just go ahead and burn it all in your fireplace treated lumber be damned, they just want to take all the cheap firewood for themselves Burn treated wood in your fireplace FTMFW OP, I'm joking. My dad never burned processed wood in his stove for 40 years and counting, he just took an axe and made his firewood smaller.

Is redwood a good wood to burn in a fireplace

Is redwood a good wood to burn in a fireplace? SAVE CANCEL. already exists. Would you like to merge this question into it? Do not burn scrap treated lumber- the chemicals used to make it

Burning Scrap Wood

Can I burn scrap plywood in my fireplace, or is it toxic? Andy Rae: Burn away. Its as safe as burning solid wood assuming you dont put your head in the firebox and breathe the fumes. The fierce heat of the fire destroys all suspect ingredients.

Seven things you should never burn in your fireplaceand why

Seven things you should never burn in your fireplaceand why. Likewise, burning manufactured wood products produces toxins and carcinogens. Dont use the fireplace as a household incinerator. A toxic cocktail of fumes can result from burning items like pizza boxes printed with colored inks, Styrofoam cups, plastic wraps, and remnants of household products in empty containers.

The Hazards of Burning Old Wood in a Fireplace Home Guides

The Hazards of Burning Old Wood in a Fireplace. It's tempting to burn old scrap lumber in your wood stove. It saves money by making use of old material that would otherwise end up at the dump, and old lumber is dry, so you can be sure it will burn efficiently and produce heat. There are a number of reasons to refrain from doing this, however,

Any reason not to burn cedar? Hearth.com Forums Home

Overall, the small chunks of cedar seem to burn a little hotter than pine, but no big benefit, I can get it super cheap, but it's still not really worth it since I can essentially just burn my own scraps that I get for free if I want to burn small loads and feed the stove every 45 minutes.

Can you burn split rail fencing in a wood stove if it is old

Cedar is safe to burn in your fireplace, but be careful because it burns fast and hot. and get very good results using locust for burning in my woodstove. It seems to fall somewhere between

Is redwood a good wood to burn in a fireplace

Gas fireplaces are not intended to burn wood. A gas ASSISTED fireplace can burn either gas or wood. ONLY if that is the type you have should you try to burn wood.

Sweep's Library

My husband bought a load of kiln dried flooring cutoffs to burn inside in our airtight fireplace. He was assured that it was safe to burn. There is a smell that comes off of the wood when burning and within a half hour of starting a fire, I became ill.

Why wont my Firewood burn? Yahoo Answers

Why wont my Firewood burn? I went to a saw mill and purchased large HUNKS of scrap wood to use in my fireplace. These are some seriously hard, dense pieces of wood, pretty sure its oak.

Reasons why we don't burn pressure treated wood

people who burn pressure treated wood and trash in their fireplaces gives a bad rep for all the others who burn responsibly. this is one reason why so many towns are addressing OWB's these days. please, don't do things that will make the government go after regular fireplaces or wood stoves. burn responsibly.

Salvaging Cedar Fence Boards This Old House

Salvaging Cedar Fence Boards One of the projects my wife wants done in the next couple years is to replace a 200' and 70' run of cedar fencing, replacing it with vinyl to match the rest of the property.

Do you know what youre burning?

Many people think its a good idea to burn up old scrap wood, like an old deck or old plywood. They think they are helping the environment, or want to save a few dollars on dump fees. Some contractors may even suggest burning waste from a project to save you money on dumping.

Can I burn fence posts in a wood stove?

Users saying Thanks 1 Never burn CCA treated timber as firewood in fireplaces, barbecues, wood stoves or any wood fire. Arsenic in the body accumulates in cells, which over time may lead to skin, bladder, kidney, liver, lung, and prostate cancers. Other forms of arsenic toxicity in humans have been observed in blood, bone marrow, cardiac,

Can you burn cedar fence posts in a wood burning fireplace

Yes, you can burn apple wood in a fireplace. It generates verylittle smoke and hotter than normal firewood. It is a good heatoutput with a small visible flame and ideal for wood-fire. It is asafely and efficiently burned in fireplace.

Don't Burn Treated Wood

Don't Burn Treated Wood . The small scraps of lumber that seem to collect and multiply under back porches and in garages often make their way into wood stoves and fireplaces in the winter months. And, as long as it is dry, any species of wood will burn well.

Beyond The Picket Fence: Scrappy Shapes

I keep a bucket at the end of my chop saw and pretty much any piece of wood that is four inches or longer goes in the bucket. And yes, the bucket overflows and then the wood piles up around it. Last week I played with the scraps and made some scrappy shapes.

can I use my fence for firewood?

The one part of the fence I would not burn is the posts chances are those are treated and would have a lot of noxious chemicals. Pictures would help, really . we can't give you a clear answer unless we see the fence.

Is redwood a good wood to burn in a fireplace

Any kind of wood is safe to burn in your fireplace as long as its dried to approx 18% moisture content, and does not contain any man made chemicals like pressure treated wood.

What Kind of Paper Can I Burn in My Fireplace? Hunker

Burning paper in your fireplace may sound like a good way to go green and save money, but it isn't usually the smartest thing to do. In fact, there is a chance of releasing toxic chemicals into the air or setting your -- or your neighbor's -- roof on fire with the burning embers, according to the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District.

DIY Fence

Step 6: Put up fence pickets We used a piece of scrap 1/4 inch wood as a spacer to ensure our pickets were evenly spaced. Start at one end of your section and put the board flush to the top board, then nail in.

Items You Should NEVER Burn In Your Fireplace or Wood Stove

Items You Should NEVER Burn In Your Fireplace or Wood Stove and Why For the safety of your home and family it is never a good idea to burn anything other than dry seasoned firewood in your

Is it a hazard to burn cedar? Arboristsite.com

Pops a lot, so most contraindicate burning it in a fireplace. Most that have a supply of cedar opt to use it to kindle because it does burn so hot and fast. Good wood for this time of the year as we head into warmer temps - when all you want is a quick blaze to take the edge off the chill. Mar 9, 2009.

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