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replace suspended timber floors with concrete floors, or not

If you take the existing timber floor out and replace with concrete insulated of course then you can set the floor down by about 150mm , maybe more. The increase in floor to ceiling heights is not just a nice to have it is a massive architectural improvement.

Removing, Insulating and Restoring a Suspended Wooden Floor

In this video we filmed step by step as we lifted the original pine floor boards. We are planning to insulate and airtight the ground floor before replacing and restoring the boards. Lifting Bar

Replace suspended timber subfloor by solid concrete DIYnot

Replace suspended timber subfloor by solid concrete I am trying to decide if I should stick with suspended timber or change to solid concrete. Replace floor

Comparing Ground Floor Structure Costs Homebuilding

To a large extent, suspended timber ground floors gave way to solid slab concrete floors throughout much the 20th century and then, from around 1976 onwards, following a prolonged period of drought with many foundation and oversite failures, suspended concrete beam and block floors started to gain prominence.

Laying a Concrete Floor - DIY Extra

Laying a Concrete Floor April 9, 2015 July 20, 2018 DIY Guides concrete , floor A rotten or damaged suspended timber floor, on the ground floor of a house, can usually be replaced with a solid concrete floor if you wish.

Best course of action for rotten joists where there isn't

The two main options people have been telling me is either replace all the flooring with concrete, or rip out the concrete and use suspended timber throughout, and of course adding proper ventilation in the second case.

Replacing a suspended wooden floor with a concrete floor

Hi, My suspended floor in my dining room is a bit sloped and we have a bit of a damp problem too in that room so I'm a little worried about rot - I was wondering how easy it is to just replace the existing floor with concrete - there's probably l

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Replacing timer floor with concrete. ripping up your timber floor and replacing with concrete is a complete waste of time and money and you will not end up with a

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There are two basic ways to make the floors of a building. You can either have a concrete base or a suspended floor, usually made out of timber. There are various pros and cons to these types of floor, some of which impact on the energy efficiency of the building and how you go about insulating them.

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Suspended floors are normally made up of 2 materials, either timber joists or a concrete beam system. There are quite a lot of variations on these types of floor, mainly depending on what use you intend for that floor area and the floor finish.

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If the concrete floor is shot, and you really want a timber one, then just follow the guidelines for a modern suspended floor. It's important to get it right as dry rot is a common problem with damp suspended timber floors.

Price difference between Concrete Slab and Suspended Timber

Hi All, Currently applying for planning permission for a 270m2 two storey house in cork. However, not 100% on whether to go with a concrete slab first floor or a suspended timber first floor.

Repairing and Caring for Old Timber Floors Homebuilding

Old homes may possess timber or solid tiles laid on bare soil, or concrete floors usually a combination of both A lack of ventilation beneath a timber suspended floor and/or damp can be major causes of problems

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In the Sixties and Seventies it became fashionable to replace suspended timber ground floors in older houses with solid concrete in the misguided belief that floors in rooms with a water supply

Concrete Floors and Replacing a Timber Floor with Concrete

If your ground floor timber floors have become infested with insect damage or dry rot you might choose to replace them with concrete floors. However laying a concrete floor to replace your timber floors may not be the end of your troubles if you dont take care to treat the problem before you lay a concrete slab for your new floor.

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Replacing a suspended floor with concrete. There may be several reasons for replacing a suspended floor with concrete. One of the most likely scenarios is when the original floor has suffered from rot or infestation and will have to be replaced.

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Replace a timber floor with a concrete slab Hi there ..i'm currently researching a new bathroom i want to create in a part of the house never previously a wet area. Aside from the requisite damp coursing and tanking of the room it has an original tongue n groove suspended timber floor.

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Floors are constructed in two ways, either suspended or solid. Suspended timber floors consist of floorboards nailed to joists, often carried on sleeper walls of brick. It is important that the underside of a suspended floor is ventilated to avoid the build up of moisture.

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Suspended timber floor - replace with concrete? Hi All. At the early stages of doing a refurb job on our house, to include improving insulation, re-wire and an extension.

Suspended timber floors in a 1970's bunglow. Askaboutmoney

Can anyone help me on this. I am renovating a 1970's bunglow which has suspended timber floors throughout, and gun barrell heating system. I am updating the gunbarrell to qualplex piping, this means pulling up all the T and G flooring, replacing piping and putting down new T and G boards.

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Be aware that if you change from suspended timber floor to solid floor with a damp proof membrane you will reduce evaporation from the area of the floor and consequentially there will likely be an increase in moisture to surrounding walls below dpc level and at the new floor / wall joint.

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Replace a timber floor with a concrete slab Aside from the requisite damp coursing and tanking of the room it has an original tongue n groove suspended timber floor. The house is circa 1930-35 and im hoping after the plumbing is established underfloor level i can install a concrete slab on to which tiling is normally attached .

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"The floor construction was found to be traditional, with timber floor joists supported on the masonry walls spanning from side to side. The oversite surface is of soft and damp clay. This is a result of the lie of the land. In modern construction an oversite concrete screed, incorporating a damp proof membrane, would be laid.

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Hey, my ground floor levels are off because previous owners changed a suspended timber floor for concrete kitchen . I'm now left with the job of getting them level and figured my options are: - grind floor down but it needs to come down about 45mm so might not be viable. Mess isn't an issue. - Break up floor and replace with suspended timber.

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